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Cherokee Fiddle

Doble Jeopardy

Dont Drink Whiskey


Strong Enough

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William Ellis

Drew Ellis Ft. Corey Rose

Drew Ellis

Hot night in August. (Official)

Tracy Lawrence - Sticks and Stones (The Man Cave Sessions)

Tracy Lawrence - Sticks and Stones (The Man Cave Sessions)

Tracy Lawrence - Somebody Paints The Wall (The Man Cave Sessions)

Tracy Lawrence - Somebody Paints The Wall (The Man Cave Sessions)

Tracy Lawrence - 'Til I Was A Daddy Too (The Man Cave Sessions)

Tracy Lawrence - 'Til I Was A Daddy Too (The Man Cave Sessions)

Tracy Lawrence - Rock and a Soft Place (The Man Cave Sessions)

Tracy Lawrence - Rock and a Soft Place (The Man Cave Sessions)

EDS Cretive Development is now live! join us in the studio. God Bless!

Welcome to EDS Creative Development, Studio Series.

EDS Creative Sound


When Tracy is gone who will give for the small man.

Ellissound, ft Poppers Anthem Egyptian Lover

Welcome to where Poping began.

Ellissound Studios

Welcome to the studio, sit back and forget the world! join us live put in your music request, or promotional share the love of music with us! here at ellissound life is music.







Join us tonight at 8 P.M. a live DJ session. covering four decades of megamix and classic Motown, Special thanks to all on the front lines.







Ellissound let it flow


Ellissound Sessions

Teaching those with disabilities.

Daily Guitar Drills for older beginners

super for progression

Blues Basics

Blues Practice

Led Zeppelin

Stairway to heaven

Don't Cry Solo - Guns 'N Roses - Acoustic Guitar Cover

Don't Cry Solo - Guns 'N Roses - Acoustic Guitar Cover

George Benson "Never gonna change my love for you"

EAGLES "Lying Eyes"


Eagles Remastered.

A turn page in time with Bob Seger.

Jason Aldean

A legends words of wisdom.

This aint nothin, Craig Morgan

Sunday in the south is something only God could create

Growing up in the south is what living is all about!

A great song for vocals!

Never let life get you, this song moves emotions and authenticity.

If you have a love for country music, Tracy Lawrence has gave to his fans.

Live life everyday.

A must have when you need to know who God is. Sacrifice.

Ellissound music, moving, dancing vs violence!

Music and dancing are positive movements for our children. They are our future, we need to teach them to enjoy the outlet of constructive team work. Music is very healing and allows peace for most people. Ellissound is still taking it to the floor and teaching the art of dance. Safe Holidays to all

A true inspiration to mankind through music

Ellisssound "Tracy Lawrence live in the round".

If you havent seen this concert its a must


a mellow jazzy house mix.

A walk through history International Human Rights Research Foundation.

This particular set was the actual first release of Ellis Networks & Art Studios.


Traveling across the nation to spread HUMAN RIGHTS, at no other time in history has Human rights been more important. All art, Cinematogrophy, illustration, Production by, Ellissound.com.

ellissound.com honors a family history thats dates back to the Mayflower, a faily that lives to educate and teach those in need.

Honoring this set and building the video and art, took sometime a tribute to all service members in our family.

Tracy Lawrence " Lonely" Crossroads , honoring a great Philanthropist, Muscian, A True Legend!

Honoring this particular set, Tracy's music carried me through a very tough time in life, sickness was not an option I was given. We all get knocked down. The question is are you going to get back up? " Back up" please join us in sharing the gift of music, to encourage healing for all.

Noah Baker- "my city" Ft. Dru Toney, Toney B, LadyK ,Nikia Smith Corey C & Taylor Semeone

Published by www.ellissound.com, we pay tribute to all musicians who have a story to share on hardships of life, lessons learned and want a better tomorrow for the human race.

Published by Ellis Productions Registered Trademark All Rights Reserved.

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An outstanding show of workmanship, using resources available and imagination. We proudly sponsor this video.

A true inspiration for those who care, who make a way and never forget how precious life is! We rate this five stars.

Walk a Hard road

Welcome to Corey Clark Music

Walk a Hard Road, FT. Corey Clark, Help support our broken children, Corey offers guitar lessons for children to inspire them towards a better life.

Amazing talent, like no other in musical history. He is giving the legacy of his career for Humanity.

Allow your passion to catch Fire!

Teaching all concepts of the art!

Tap into your passion of expression, to feel real freedom.

Don't ever sell yourself short of your dreams!

The greatest gift was the undertaking of becoming a humanitarian. A little Hope, a smile and a world of freedom to just give to someone in need.

Telling your story!

In life we often see things that are not real, those that will prey on you. Few will ever get back up. It only takes one minute to change your life!

Downs Syndrome Kids are very in tune with music, how many will reach out to help tap into that joy for them? Christine Ellis found his with EllisSound

How many of you have ever really payed attention to how in tune your child is with a cell phone? Music is a universal expression of language . Corey Clark helps offer children this opprotunity.

EllisSound, created on location , Lyrics natural genre, Ellis Art Studios , were done with and android and laptop.

Journey of a lifetime is a gripping story of one mans will, honor and strength while fighting for his health. All to share with us as a true humanitarian.